Ubud, Bali

I spent the morning of third day in Bali by swimming and lazing at the pool. See I’m being a morning person only during vacations, waking up at 6am to swim and getting ready. Things that I don’t normally practice at home. Oh in Bali 6am its like 7.30am Malaysian time..something like that. It gets hot and sunny before 10am.After breakfast and getting ready, Fariza and pak supir came and fetched me off to Ubud. It was about 1 hr 30 mins from Legian to Ubud. Ubud has greeneries and lush surroundings, very pretty. Saw a frame that was hang on one of the shops saying that Mr. Obama had spent months in Ubud back in 1993 to write his book. Can’t blame him, as that place definitely has something to offer for every traveler.

We shopped around at the Ubud art market. I bought (too much of) incense sticks, aromateraphy and massage oils, scrubs and body butters. We also bought a few pieces of traditional sarongs and batiks and also silver jewelleries. Had a bit of strolling at the area, surveying the guesthouses and spas, for future reference.

On the way back from Ubud we stopped at Sukawati market for souvenirs. Usually the traders would take the stuff from this market and sell them around Kuta at marked up prices. Yes Sukawati market resembles pasar borong and one would only go there to buy souvenirs and t-shirts. I dont think I’ll come again to this place in future. It was tiring having to argue, bargain and fight off the persistent traders whom kept on shoving their items on your nose. Oh well, for the love of the people back home, we’d persevered.

Paddy field














Near the art market