Ain’t Nuthin But a G Thang

Not what you think 🙂 The title, this song, is just depicting something old school. In this case, the memories when I first started in the corporate world.

Not exactly old school, but yea, whatevs.

Here are my friends, the goons and me.


Met these chicas back in 2007 at the SC. I joined the Commission in June and few months after that Farah and Mun came along. We clicked somehow, Farah and I even carpooled to work since we both stayed in Subang. I started to get close to Hafsa when we were stationed in the same department and we became neighbours at work.

I had my first taste of Perhentian with her back in 2009 (it was love at first site and I ended up going there seven more times heheh).


Silhouette shot during sunset


The obligatory jump shot


One of the thousands of pictures we took while few others went diving. Oh, Hafsa ended up marrying the guy at the far right 🙂

Photo 16-03-2014 22 54 29

Us goons

See, this post is just about me missing their friendship and the camaraderie. Even though our time wasn’t that long as I left the Commission in 2011, but the bond remains strong until now. I guess its the memories that keep us together.


The fateful annual dinner back in 2008 where we performed an Arabian themed musical. I was the bad girl of course.

I have so many (too many in fact) profound memories of the SC. Apart from awesome friends cum colleagues, I had the best boss ever there. He was the head of department who sat beside me at the Bloomberg station teaching me stuff where I in fact only asked him a simple matter that didn’t really warrant him explaining it to me in such great effort. For that I am forever grateful to him. Too bad my time with him at that department didn’t last long. If only I could have him back as my boss (not that my current ones are bad, but still).


Fly away little angel 😛