dog days aint over

I just got back from Pulau Redang. Last been there a couple of years back. It was very pretty back then..not so much now, maybe cause its nearing monsoon season. Anyway it was a nice break from work and also managed to add more entries to the dive log book. Last beach escapade was in June..having that into mind, it called upon for the next beach trip. And the current timing is right. I’m done with the masters programme and (hopefully) will soon graduate. So that called up for some sort of gateway for me.

Pictures and dive stories will be updated in the next entry lah.

Now that I’m graduating soon, I’ve starting to hatch the plan for future. Not yet satisfied with my masters, I’m thinking of pursuing the back breaking nerve wrecking CFA. BUT with my love for everything fun and laid back  this could be hard for me. The earliest intake is for June 2014 exam, we’ll see.


Isn’t it ironic?

That you’d finished typing and did a bit (because you were clearly pressed for time) of proofreading your assignments, only to find out that the college’s internet system was bogged down and thus loading at a very very slow pace. It was few minutes before midnight and the due date was 12am last night. Panic stricken me, as I have often being reminded, and reminding myself that I don’t want to fail this paper again. He is a strict professor and I have often being late for submissions that this is not funny anymore. Therefore I sent him an e-mail with the assignment attached and sent it off to him at about 12.01am. Said to him that I would try resubmitting using the system when it is up again. And then yes the system was back again at about 12.30am.

Just when you’d think that you could make it on time. Sigghhh.