Random Rants

1. Rakyat marhaen Selangor are now facing water rationing. Termasuklah aku yang terkena ni dalam Fasa 3. Seumur hidup aku ni 1st time kena catu air terkejut, which i had to resort to bathing using mineral water. Mampu?. Anda semua rakyat marhaen amacam, seronok jadi orang Selangor? Beb..hujan hari-hari bai…depan rumah gua siap air naik lagi. Tapi bukak paip..air non hado. I’d assumed everyone reading this adalah rakyat yang somewhat terpinggir dalam arus kemodenan negara, dan apabila mana-mana krisis terjadi adalah orang yang akan menerima tempias, no?

2. I’ve learned a bit on life lessons upon hitting 30. One of the most valuable lessons is to drop the useless friends. Put a stop to where i had to put up with them. You see, there’s always this kind of friend in life, the one who drags you down instead of pushes you forward. To me friendship is to always be there for your friends through thick and thin, especially through THIN. And when i hit rock bottom or when i faced the biggest hurdle in life, where were you my dear friends? So yea, learn to say no and most importantly, learn to say stop.

3. If you cant afford it, dont buy it. You’ll regret it much sooner that you think.

4. Your family sometimes is not your back bone. One has got to learn to be fiercely independent to get on in life. If you happen to have the merriment of your family to cheer you up and to pick you up when you lose, then good for you. But that’s so much what they can do for you. To get back on the track its solely up to you honey. Sesetengah family ni aku taktau la, maybe sebab upbringing kot, instead of offering love and supports, ada yang lebih suka ‘peleceh’.  That’s downright sick la, bukan nak tolong tapi lagi nak bring you down lagi ada la. This, girl you gotta learn. Sendiri tolong diri sendiri la. Knowing all this made me learn and do things without relying so much on anyone else.

5. Speaking about being independent kan..aku jual keta aku sendiri bai. not just pegi dealer and drop the car and let the salesman do the rest. Aku cari buyer sendiri, pi puspakom 2-3 kali, turun naik JPJ and so much more, sendiri bai. Hampir kena tipu few times. Aku memang tobat dah nak deal ngan salesman melayu. Time nak pakai duit gila2, housemate aku kluar plak. Kena cari org replace, in which initially takde orang nak masuk..time tu aku berserah je la mana nak pakai duit lagi nak bayar bank, takde orang nak share rent ngan aku,.tapi tuhan tolong la within a month all the problems solved. Alhamdulillah!

6. No one knows that I had once hit rock bottom. 2012, aku tak ingat bila. Tapi sebab keja. Nak cerita balik pun malas dah tanak ingat dah sebenarnya. And now 2014 even aku terkejut that i’m still at the godforsaken bank. Ni kira love-hate relationship punya cerita la ni. I like my current (current ya not previous) bosses, I like the complexity of the job, the people whom I can learn from. I hate the culture, the non-existent benefits, the management dan banyak lagi lah. Tapi bila kau dah merasa how hard life was when you hit rock bottom, then kau sedar kata J.K Rowling, where she said ‘rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life’.

Till then.


on why I think abortion should be legalised

I am a practising Muslim and this is me being at risk of blasphemy accusation. But before anyone jumps at this and shoots bullet to my head, there is no mention of blasphemy in the Holy Book. So hear me out first.

This, is my personal view.

Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, kids and the joy they bring to the world. I too would love to have them in future. In future, yes, not now. Why? Because I am physically and mentally not ready to have them. Love is all that matters, you say? My baby would need more than parental love  to survive I think. I am not eating right, god knows the kind of junks I digest daily. Slowly but surely I want to have the best of food (non-toxic, organic matters) to nurture my body into the best of health it can be for it to grow a child inside. Among many other matters, yes I don’t think I’m ready yet. But that’s just me.

What about these people? You think they deserve to bear children?

“A mother and stepfather who confined their teenage son to a bedroom for years with little food were each sentenced to 15 years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty to cruelty to children and false imprisonment charges….Mitch Comer stood 5-foot-1 and weighed 87 pounds when he raised the suspicion of a guard at the bus station. He told police his stepfather put him on a bus on his 18th birthday with a few hundred dollars cash and a list of homeless shelters.”

(source : yahoo news)

“The woman accused of smothering her newborn boy is now getting medical treatment at the Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital…It was reported yesterday that a 24-year-old a salesgirl allegedly smothered the baby when she hid him under a mattress at a house in Jalan Meru, Klang.”

(source : The Star)

These scum worth of parents, should they have gotten abortion? Yes, please. rather than bringing an unwanted child into this world and having him suffer, if not dead. It’s just so heartbreaking to read these kind of news on daily basis. 

My point is, if you don’t want to get pregnant but still want to enjoy regular sex, please by all means, buy condoms. wear two at once if you must. and if you’re married and need to have a child just because everyone else’s does, then please think about it. Before you commit to anything, ask yourself these; are you mentally / physically / financially ready? Does you husband or wife has what it takes to support you in this process? Would you be able to provide your child a comfortable (not much can we do on the current crime filled society anyway) for him or her to live? Would you promise yourself to give your child the best education that he/she deserves? I’m not referring to monetary value, the best is referred to in terms of value wise and quality wise. A small home filled with love is heavenly while a mansion with no love can be the opposite. It is your choice, really.

Some thoughts to ponder..

I deeply hope that people are not having kids to make sure someone takes care of them when they are senile. 


Hell is other people

Things are weird lately. Last time I checked, there are only few shades of grey, next thing I know, there are 50. Women who openly reading that book in public places..urm well, it’s like watching other people watch porn. Interesting, but weird. And disturbing.

Life gives you whatever it wants to throw at you . Deep (places one hand under the chin. urut dagu)

I wonder how people deal with issues in their life. The only time that I am able to really concentrate on thinking is when I’m driving, hence resulting in some near accidents experience. I don’t know, I often find myself lose in thoughts while I’m driving. Sadly the past 2012 and the current 2013 have brought me issues and difficult situations. Sometimes I feel so lost that is similar to being trapped in a deep well with no ladder nor light. Sometimes there are more dramas to that. You know, like the feeling when there is  water underneath your feet…slowly arising and drowning you bit by bit. Have you ever feel the urgency for precious air? This thought makes me sick.

They say  that the city pollutes and corrupts your mind. But little  they know that hell is within your mind.

Shit I need to get these shits together.


confession of a fatty bum bum

at the risk of sounding like an ungrateful beetch, i sometimes struggle to be at peace with myself. don’t others feel that way too?

unless, of course


look at me now, lookkk!!!!


but as perfect as she seems, she’s still a droopy eyed flat chested girl who lives on a trust funds.


whats up? cant see much my eyelid’s dropping zzzzz


look closely, you might see ’em.

ok fine she has a perfume line. and handbags. and TV shows.

same goes to kim and her giant generous backside.


dear leader

not that kim. this kim.


i’m trying to breathe here *sucks tummy in*

who needs talent and hard work?

oh well. this post is pointless. its just it rather sucks to be curvy and not being able to fit in most asian clothings. while at the same time western size M and L are tad loose on me. fml right?

Random thoughts



  • I have been in and out of apartments and condos so many times already I should make a business out of it.
  • I need to buy a condo
  • Unlike last year, I don’t have anything to anticipate in 2013.
  • Speaking of which, there are 4 more days to new year.
  • My friend has got herself engaged this month.
  • Speaking of which, love  (whether the abundance or the lack of it) is to each of its own. Whether you are so lovable that your love life flourishes like crazy OR that it resembles a Saharan desert…still, you have no  right to be judgmental about other people’s life. I am sick of this mindset and of people who just love to pry on the life of others. Being with someone or not, I have never gloat about it and rub it on the singletons. As if coupling is the best thing ever happen to the human race, after the sliced breads of course. The point is, yes you are happy, your boyfriend treats you like a princess (even if you look like none and your boyfriend resembles a toad), the world revolves around only the two of you lovebirds…good for you, really! BUT keep those feelings to yourself, for god’s sake. Don’t judge others who are single, don’t question their decision, its THEIR life, not yours, so be it. You may not know that she has her own reason to be who she is today. Seriously, what is this with the narrow minded society that we live in. Some people just don’t want to agree with conformity, geddit? Next time please, just be mindful of your own life, not others, especially when it comes to love life.
  • I hate ranting, but there are certain points need to be delivered.
  • My 2013 travel plans include Cambodia in January, Indonesia in February, Australia in May. I don’t know how I can afford all these trips in short period of time but I’ll try. I can live without new clothes, bags and shoes.