Random thoughts



  • I have been in and out of apartments and condos so many times already I should make a business out of it.
  • I need to buy a condo
  • Unlike last year, I don’t have anything to anticipate in 2013.
  • Speaking of which, there are 4 more days to new year.
  • My friend has got herself engaged this month.
  • Speaking of which, love  (whether the abundance or the lack of it) is to each of its own. Whether you are so lovable that your love life flourishes like crazy OR that it resembles a Saharan desert…still, you have no  right to be judgmental about other people’s life. I am sick of this mindset and of people who just love to pry on the life of others. Being with someone or not, I have never gloat about it and rub it on the singletons. As if coupling is the best thing ever happen to the human race, after the sliced breads of course. The point is, yes you are happy, your boyfriend treats you like a princess (even if you look like none and your boyfriend resembles a toad), the world revolves around only the two of you lovebirds…good for you, really! BUT keep those feelings to yourself, for god’s sake. Don’t judge others who are single, don’t question their decision, its THEIR life, not yours, so be it. You may not know that she has her own reason to be who she is today. Seriously, what is this with the narrow minded society that we live in. Some people just don’t want to agree with conformity, geddit? Next time please, just be mindful of your own life, not others, especially when it comes to love life.
  • I hate ranting, but there are certain points need to be delivered.
  • My 2013 travel plans include Cambodia in January, Indonesia in February, Australia in May. I don’t know how I can afford all these trips in short period of time but I’ll try. I can live without new clothes, bags and shoes.