Songs that made me go ‘Lost’

There are songs that really resonate with the scenes in the TV show. Like the ‘Man of Science, Man of Faith’ episode in Lost, where the character Desmond Hume was first introduced, Mama Cass Elliot’s ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ song was played in the background.

At first I was wondering who this man was and his relation to Lost..and then the lyric went ..“the loneliest kind of lonely, it may be rough goin'”..

bam! smack me in the head.

This is the guy who’s trapped inside a hatch. Lonely soul? I feel you, bro.

Then before that, in Season 1, I was first introduced to Damien Rice through his song Delicate, which was played in ‘In Translation’ episode, where Hurley was listening to this song via his CD player before it ran out of battery. And then during the last scene where Sun was standing at the shore with her bikini on and Charlie and Claire sat on the beach, along with the song, somehow the scene moved me. My favourite lyric goes like “..why do you sing with me, at all?”