Diving in Perhentian Island

This would be my 6th time in Pulau Perhentian. My most visited island, my utmost favourite island gateway. Haihhh there are so many wonderful memories in Perhentian that made me put in the efforts of going there every year without fail. Twice a year even sometimes.

My fellow friends, I hereby present you the Perhentian island 🙂


Coral Bay

Basically Perhentian Island is divided into two;

Perhentian Kecil (small island) and Perhentian Besar (big island). Normally I would go to the small island for the sandy white beach and clear water. The two main beaches are Long Beach and Coral Bay. If you are a sun worshiper like me, then Long Beach is perfect for you. If you prefer privacy then go to Coral Bay. It is also cheaper to stay in Coral Bay.

Annnddd of course, diving. The main dive sites are Tokong Laut (temple of the sea), Sugar Wreck, Terumbu Tiga, D’Lagoon, Batu Layar, etc.


Dive sites and schedules


Off to dive


We had the most awesome dive in Temple of the Sea on a Sunday morning 9th June 2013. The water was clear, the visibility was perfect and being a morning dive, there was practically less current underwater. Saw groups of yellow tailed fishes forming highways (as they moved in line and in groups, sorta highway-like). If you could control your breathing, as in try to produce less bubbles outta your regulator, then you’d be surrounded by these fishes. Amazing.

Then we saw some huge ass morray eel, idiot shark (cause it does nothing, sort of harmless), scorpion fish and many more, I cant quite recall ’em. No pictures as yet, but if I get them I will try to post ’em here.

Oh yeah, these dives at Perhentian are my first dives in 2013, being the last ones in Bali, Nov 2012. So yeah, it felt good to be able to breathe nitrogen again. And mostly to be able to float underwater again after few months.

We dived with Ombak Divers, price is RM70 p/dive (w/out equipment). No complaint from me. But others have their disappointments with certain dive at the sites that were not supposed to be on schedule. 3D2N accommodation + food + transfer boat from Kuala Besut to Perhentian = RM400.