the hyped-up 2016 movies

2016 will bring an influx of films that are based on the rather usual idea of good vs evil, superheroes vs villains etc. on top of that, the storylines will feature…gasp! what else? More explosions, cities destruction, mean machines, etc etc. Such refreshing ideas.

And when the Hollywood couldn’t think of new superhero ideas, they would then just combined 2 superheroes and make them fight and destroy each other, all in one film! How brilliant!

Thing is, I never was and never will be a fan of those hyped up superhero movies. There’s nothing wrong, though, in those exaggerated out of this world kind of movies..its just that these movies lack originality and meaningful storylines.

Still, there is The Revenant, which will be out in a week’s time. It has Leo in it and its based on true events. I know for sure this will be good.






blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders.


eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is a film about two people who desperately try to erase their own memories about each other. spotless mind is where mind is pure from memories which brings out the eternal happiness (sunshine) state. however as it says here;

“you may forget a past memory but you can’t forget the impulses, instincts and emotions that arose from that past incident”source 

expectantly they both try to escape from having their memories erased instead.

such irony.

[clementine to joel] meet montauk..