i’ve been an avid reader since i was a scrawny kid. started to read when i was 5 and been hooked with books since then. i could read utmost achievement was finishing a book within few hours (was not a pictorial book haha). enid blyton was my fav author (still is). i remember the time my dad had bought a massive encyclopedia collection which includes the paintings by van gogh that got me thinking a lot about doomsday. somehow his starry night painting reflected doomsday through my eyes at that time. i was a weird kid i know. i think i was dyslexic but my parents failed to diagnose it haha. 

then i was most lucky at school where my friends were avid readers as well. my bff at that time could read faster than me and had read more books that i could ever compete with. silly game that we played. on top of enid blyton we read ahadiat akashah and sweet valley series. and i as the weird one, read tamar jalis as well. books were expensive and relatively limited in our small town, where the were only two bookstores that i know, popular bookstore and pustaka union. oh i remembered going to penang when i was 11 and i bought dracula by bram stoker. was so happy back then.

of the writers that i love most now are john grisham, michael connelly, stieg larsson (translated to english of course), robert ludlum, stephen king, sidney sheldon (the doomsday conspiracy is the best), to name a few. i of course read chick lits too, the most fitting ones are sheila o’flanagan and sophie kinsella. and of course dan brown. i love all thriller fiction actually.

and i will then try to visit the libraries in new york, alexandria, and many more if i have the chance to.

i think i made a wrong career choice..should have become a book critic or a librarian.