looking back to look forward

by the grace of the almighty god, i am still alive and got through the year 2015. healthy, alhamdulillah, with minor demam batuk flu asthma sikit-sikit tu normal la. major grateful there wasn’t any incidents like in 2014, terkoyak lutut, viral fever, etc. and no major bruises and heartaches like the years before that.

grateful i was able to change my job, albeit entering the industry in a poor market condition. a bit depressing juga, when your income target is far fetched. with 2016 looking very much dim as it was in 2015 (where brent crude oil has recently dipped below $30 level )..signs of hope went down the drain already. but, persevere we must. still, i am glad that i am no longer with that investment bank.

met people and lost some along the way. its part of life, i think. i have reached the age & the maturitylevel where I could no longer tolerate selfishness, especially from certain people, who only used u for i dont know..share her sorrows, provide shelters, etc.

dimwit men. i have met and ditched few of this kind. the kind of men that I initially tolerated cause i was trying to be nice. but after some time, i could no longer withstand their ‘stupidity’, if i could put it that way. there was this guy who had never been out of the country and could only sparsely converse in english. so tell me, how can i have a decent conversation about say, economics or other matters like movies, art, history, music, places of the world, etc with a close minded people like that? so painful i tell ya. melayu ni tau nak get high all the time saja. outcome, apa pun takda.

anyways, i’m hoping for a 2016 where the volatility is curbed, commodity price stabilised, higher country’s GDP growth, and market that are vibrant and prosperous. and mostly, for everyone to withstand all the possibilities.



Songs that made me go ‘Lost’

There are songs that really resonate with the scenes in the TV show. Like the ‘Man of Science, Man of Faith’ episode in Lost, where the character Desmond Hume was first introduced, Mama Cass Elliot’s ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ song was played in the background.

At first I was wondering who this man was and his relation to Lost..and then the lyric went ..“the loneliest kind of lonely, it may be rough goin'”..

bam! smack me in the head.

This is the guy who’s trapped inside a hatch. Lonely soul? I feel you, bro.

Then before that, in Season 1, I was first introduced to Damien Rice through his song Delicate, which was played in ‘In Translation’ episode, where Hurley was listening to this song via his CD player before it ran out of battery. And then during the last scene where Sun was standing at the shore with her bikini on and Charlie and Claire sat on the beach, along with the song, somehow the scene moved me. My favourite lyric goes like “..why do you sing with me, at all?”


I have lost for words. Indeed this is the worst airline tragedy (?) mishap (?) mystery (?) that had ever happened to Malaysia Airlines. 


A friend made this poster and brought it to Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Day 5 and still no sightings. The urgency of the situation has warranted massive international aids in forms of planes, submarines, vessels and land search from neighboring countries, even as far as US. Question is, how can a commercial airline just vanished off radar screens? 



Wallahua’lam. Indeed, the God is all knowing. Kun fayakun.

Movie Review: Lone Survivor

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lone-survivor4Based on the book written by the only survivor of the failed mission on June 28th 2005 named Marcus Luttrell, we follow four SEAL team members as they stake out a village to make an identification of a top Taliban commander. While waiting on a hill side their communications go down and they are found by two boys and an old man who are herding goats. They have three options, let them go, which would mean over two hundred Taliban soldiers would chase up the hill after them. Or they leave them on the hill side tied up or straight up execute them. This scene is intense and wisely allows the four men to argue about it, this gives the audience time to rack the minds over what they would do. They of course release the three and very quickly find themselves under attack.

This is hands down the best…

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Film Analysis: “Gravity”

My feelings exactly

The Cinephile Fix

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is shaping up to be the best-reviewed film of the year. The bulk of the praise is going to the groundbreaking photography and Sandra Bullock’s moving performance. As the posters will let you know, everyone in Hollywood is over the moon for this film. Some have been calling it the best space film ever made. Quite frankly, I’m not so sure they got the whole point of the film. It does portray space in a very realistic manner, but it’s far from a “space film.” In fact, it’s more of a psychological drama; it just happens to be set in space.

Gravity is one of the most inspirational motion pictures to come out in some time. It hits a chord with the subconscious mind and it’s not because of the master-class of cinematography unraveling before your eyes (it does help though), but it’s because it aims to…

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A trip to the Land Down Under

Went to the sunny Queensland for seven days. The journey covered Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. A fun mid year break from work and personal matters. A temporary break from the recent death in the family.

We arrived in Gold Coat on 1st May 2013 at around 0830 pm. Custom and immigration process was a breeze (thankfully!). Brought and declared food items from Malaysia and luckily there was no issue on that. Quickly off we went to catch the buses and train to Brisbane. This was a relatively easy part as there were buses outside the airport and we’d only need to refer to Translink for routes and timetable. To get to Brisbane from Coolangatta Airport, you need to board 2 buses (one to Burleigh Heads and the next one takes you to Varsity Lakes station) and 1 train to Brisbane CBD. Our accommodation for the three days stay in Brisbane, Chill Backpackers is within walking distance from Brisbane transit centre.

Day One in Brisbane

I had an exam in Queensland University of Technology in Gardens Point campus. The campus is located in the smack of Brisbane Botanic Garden. The uni is great in the sense that it is accessible to public and it was quite easy to get to places. The buildings are well marked by alphabets and there are maps to guide you to which building that you intend to go. Besides that the park is pretty and relaxing. I could see the students in groups studying under the shady trees. How nice. But I couldn’t enjoy much of the scenery as I was pressed for time. Exam started at about 3pm and ended at 6pm. Not much of studying done + not much sleep for the past 2 nights = idiotic ramblings on the answer sheets. Oh well.




Botanic Garden

  Day Two in Brisbane

Got duped by Moreton Island Adventures. Initially we planned to go to Moreton Island for a bit of snorkeling and sand tobogganing but somehow the operator didnt want to take us there for the said package. Well yeah they did reimburse us back but still we felt that we were cheated by them as there was no info no notice no nothing given by them up until the day itself. We had to go all the way to the port only to be told that we can’t go to the island. Big time frustration!

Got back to South Bank side and spent the rest of the day in the lovely Brisbane CBD. Went to the Queen Street Mall, City Hall and Museum of Brisbane.


Wheel of Brisbane









Day Three in Brisbane

Checked out from Brisbane. Off we went to Gold Coast. Checked in at Atrium Resort, Biggera Waters. About 10kms from Surfers Paradise. There is a lovely beach in front of the apartment, but sadly we didnt have the chance to go there in all three days we were in GC. First day in GC it was scorching hot. At least warm enough for us to get into the water and played with the waves.


hello there wavey waves


the sun has begun to set

















We spent the rest of the day+night sight seeing around Surfers Paradise area. Bought some stuff at the Hard Rock shop. But basically the town retired early. If you expect similar excitement such as Kuta and Seminyak in Bali, Patong beach in Phuket, Ao Nang beach in Krabi and Chaweng beach in Koh Samui..well then sorry to disappoint you. Surfers Paradise is a very lay back beach town, nothing fancy nothing crazy. There were plenty of tourists from Middle East, Korean, Japs, Chinese and of course, Malaysians. 

(to be continued)


Moldova National Library – Photograph by Daniel Zollinger


These pillars of higher learning are also home to some of the world’s most incredible architecture. Below is a small collection of stunning libraries around the globe. From the historical to the modern, these centres of knowledge and learning also preserve the history and culture of their respective periods. Personally, I would find it hard to concentrate in some of these places, they are too beautiful for the eye not to wander.


1. University Club Library – New York City, United States

Photograph by Peter Bond


Photograph by Peter Bond


2. Canadian Library of Parliament – Ottawa, Canada

Photograph by James Gillard


Photograph by James Gillard


3. Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library – New Haven, Connecticut

Photograph by Lauren Manning


Photograph by KAALpurush


4. Iowa State Capital Law Library – United…

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2013, for wishes and hopes and dreams


To release myself from emotional toxins

To often search for light and to not giving up when all is fail.i have failed in certain aspects of my life and I constantly fear adulthood..for someone that appears to be strong, god knows how weak i am.

For things that i want (need)  but sadly I have no control of, I

wish for more understanding from the certain people that i care most in this world

for when we yearn for love we often mistaken our self with yearning to be understood. i believe that it is to understand first and then one is able to love.


Till then, god bless..