the YLDP

I have, on random days, asked my friends random questions and polled their answers for my own keep. Like earlier today I asked my colleagues who is their least desirable person in the market, or YLDP. I’m so busy, I know.

Here are some of their answers:-

  • loud mouthed guys. we dont mind loud people, really. but there are guys who always always make lame jokes and be really bingit about it.
  • annoying high pitched treasury sale people who always appear too bright on a monday morning. give em creeps apparently.
  • certain people from a certain (biggest) local investment bank. they’re, well, proud? only god knows why.






the thing about our market.. that its too small.


That everyone kinda knows each other and for some, the dirty stories behind them as well. For instance I know a girl who slept with a guy one day, and the next day everyone in the market gossiped about it. Pity her.

Besides that it is really difficult to avoid meeting ‘your least desirable person’ or ‘YLDP’ in the market. There are always sessions like conferences, seminars, market updates where there is a tendency to bump into YLDP.

I heard countries like India and Indonesia are the analysts’ favourite this year. So how fast can I move there?