The Actors A List

I have a penchant over watching movies with my fav actors in it. And over times I find that these actresses have consistently choose their roles well and here’s why their on my fav list:

Sandra Bullock – her dazzling performance in Gravity

Rooney Mara – she was the girl with the dragon tattoo

Natalie Portman – Black Swan has always been my fav

Hillary Swank – Read the book, hated it. The only reason of me watching PS I Love You was because of Hillary Swank and boy was I glad cause she was sublime in that movie

Helena Bonham Carter – she’s one good lunatic actress, having partnered with Tim Burton in many of his movies. She and Johnny Depp always a good pair in many of TB’s movies. I liked her best in Fight Club.

Jodie Foster – she rocked Silence of the Lambs

Angelina Jolie – noticed her in Girl, Interrupted and she shone her way through especially in Salt

Marion Cottilard – Inception, inception

Monica Belluci – Irreversible goddess

Carrie Ann moss – The Matrix godlady and of course, Memento

Faye Wong – Chungking Express and her haunting voice in her rendition of Cranberries’ Mung Zung Yan

Maggie Q – she played a cameo in New York, I Love You as a hooker. Very well played.



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