On keeping it low key

Guillaume Nery, I doubt his ability to free dive up to a certain ear-drum-ruptured depth is based on a machine operated lung.

Michael Phelps is taunted as the fastest swimmer on earth. How does he able to do that; did he attribute his achievement to his teeny speedo? Or his goggle and swimming cap?

Doubt so.

These people are able to achieve such tremendous achievement due to their own determination, drive, passion, yada yada. Not because of their dazzling sponsorship, state of the art equipment and the likes.

Point is, find your passion and live up to it. I personally dont think that in order for you to enjoy your hobbies, you’d need fancy gears and expensive equipments.

Unless, of course you have monies lying around that you dont know what to do with it.

Say if you’re into travelling. You have time and passion, yes. However if you’re anal about hotel preferences, mode of transportation (i.e taxi over tuk tuk, MAS over Air Asia), food, then it’ll be difficult for you to enjoy your trips. Often times you’ll be complaining about your hotel, the foods that you eat and worse, the local people that you meet along the way. My advice, go for vacation instead of travelling. You suit better as a tourist rather than traveler  Go have your pictures taken with every sign boards that you see. Enjoy yourself in the comfort of economy class in MAS. And yes, people like you may only go to London and Paris for vacation, and leave the remaining 90% land for the common travelers.

Say you’re into diving. First ask yourself, why do you want to dive? To test your underwater ability / to experience different world underwater / to observe marine wildlife / for good cause (i.e save the sea) / or sadly, to showcase your fancy equipment? Reality check for you, you’re able to do all the above, without using any fancy equipment. Utilising dive shop’s rental non fancy fins, mask, BCD would not be a hindrance for you to go diving and experience the best that the ocean can offer.

It somewhat irks me to witness all these gadget flaunting people with hobbies. I mean, it’s great that you found yourself some hobbies, be it golfing, bowling, paintballing, diving, biking and the likes. But c’mon, where does it say that one needs to equip himself with the latest gadget in order to enjoy such hobbies? It’s like you passed your diving lessons today and the next day you’re out buying the latest model of underwater camera. (and you know shit about photography). What does this tell you then? Are you in for the passion or for showing off?

Let’s be real people. Enjoy your hobbies (but try to keep it low).


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