whatever tickles your fancy

Well Eid is around the corner. I absolutely love Ramadhan. Less love for Syawal, specifically the Eid, which is the first day of Syawal.

I dread this celebration every year.

What is to love about it, really? Hours long traffic jam. Spending insane amount of money on new clothes (that people like me would only wear once a year, really). More money for ang pow. The lame cookies. Did I mention the traffic jam?

It’s a fact that the traffic’s getting worse every year. More people are living in the city – hence they would go back to to their hometown during the festive season – leads to yearly traffic woes..

During normal days, the back to hometown journey would normally take 5-6 hours, however during Eid..yes sire, the stupid traffic jam would take you about 12-14 hours on the road.

However, the joy of simply tasting mum’s cooking and being with the family..made the journey worthwhile. It’s just that I hope my mum lives closer to us so that we are able to spend time with her more frequently. 

Have a merry Eid celebration to those who are celebrating. May the Almighty bless us all.