What Do I Think On KIL Movie

so, I watched a local movie the other day, on its very own opening night. KIL. i went there with zero expectation, more to show my supports towards local movie industry and more so to see what the movie was all about. i am a sucker for any heavy, twisted movies (think the village by shyamalan). and i am a fan of ANY serious malay movie (think bunohan and songlap).

so there i watched KIL. where everybody else on twitterland seems to be applauding and chanting hallelujah to this movie, well, for me i feel quite differently. i give it an average b. the only thing that stood up about KIL was that it is different from other norms and likes of malay movies. not in comparison with bunohan and songlap though, there are in different genres altogether. it has the elements of surprises, drama, melancholic, depressive and a good hint of lovey good feeling, all blend into 2 hours of entertainment.

redza minhat played well as akil. i love that he has a lack of facial expressions, perhaps due to his portrayal of a manic depressive suicidal character. i kinda like the idea of hopelessness that is played in a not overly dramatic way. this time we can see that akil is like any other normal bloke on the street. which is great, cause i hate to spend my money thinking that i could get some entertainment in a form of a movie but instead it’d made me feel depressed afterwards.

cristine stockstill as zara. hmm. remember my old post on hating the manic pixie dream girl? she’s quirky, delusional, confident, smart, vintage-y…to sum they all up, a shitty character that is. can’t they create a character that fits a normal girl?

not much to review on the storyline and plot. like i said, they’re different, has somewhat the hint of surprises towards the ending of the movie, but not totally unpredictable. a lot can be improved, i reckon. one, lose the killer ‘agent’ character with the black suit cause that wouldn’t work under kl heat. that guy isn’t acting for the role in The Matrix, so please, lose it. and his script is absurd. ‘so, awak nak bunuh diri?’. seriously? two, lose the name tag on the front desk girl. she’s not a teacher. third, why is zara so fidgety on the day that the black suit ‘agent’ is supposed to ‘kill’ akil? she knows for the fact that there won’t be any killing done? nervous tak kena tempat. fourth, do something to improve the life action bureau. make it more convincing, mean, evil, cruel. really, anything.

and oh, the best actor for me is the elderly aunt whom her son died and donated his kidneys to zara. she got me teary-eyed.

quoting the director’s statement from an interview that he made with NST, “I wanted to tell a story with a feel like 500 Days Of Summer, a movie that’s depressing but treated in a feel-good way. That was the main aim,”. 


Patut la..aku benci gila 500 days of summer.


Of the abhorred things


bad breath

bad joke

bad, bad idea of googling about A Serbian Film and The Human Centipede. i was forced to search about these two holy mother of god the most disgusting films ever made this morning. It has been two hours since I read the Wikipedia pages and now I am still fighting gag. These directors are seriously, fucked up.


On the other more pleasant note, what’s with men and their perfumes? Theirs smell a whole lot better, and last longer than women’s. Yes, I dig men’s perfumes and men who smell good.


Diving in Perhentian Island

This would be my 6th time in Pulau Perhentian. My most visited island, my utmost favourite island gateway. Haihhh there are so many wonderful memories in Perhentian that made me put in the efforts of going there every year without fail. Twice a year even sometimes.

My fellow friends, I hereby present you the Perhentian island 🙂


Coral Bay

Basically Perhentian Island is divided into two;

Perhentian Kecil (small island) and Perhentian Besar (big island). Normally I would go to the small island for the sandy white beach and clear water. The two main beaches are Long Beach and Coral Bay. If you are a sun worshiper like me, then Long Beach is perfect for you. If you prefer privacy then go to Coral Bay. It is also cheaper to stay in Coral Bay.

Annnddd of course, diving. The main dive sites are Tokong Laut (temple of the sea), Sugar Wreck, Terumbu Tiga, D’Lagoon, Batu Layar, etc.


Dive sites and schedules


Off to dive


We had the most awesome dive in Temple of the Sea on a Sunday morning 9th June 2013. The water was clear, the visibility was perfect and being a morning dive, there was practically less current underwater. Saw groups of yellow tailed fishes forming highways (as they moved in line and in groups, sorta highway-like). If you could control your breathing, as in try to produce less bubbles outta your regulator, then you’d be surrounded by these fishes. Amazing.

Then we saw some huge ass morray eel, idiot shark (cause it does nothing, sort of harmless), scorpion fish and many more, I cant quite recall ’em. No pictures as yet, but if I get them I will try to post ’em here.

Oh yeah, these dives at Perhentian are my first dives in 2013, being the last ones in Bali, Nov 2012. So yeah, it felt good to be able to breathe nitrogen again. And mostly to be able to float underwater again after few months.

We dived with Ombak Divers, price is RM70 p/dive (w/out equipment). No complaint from me. But others have their disappointments with certain dive at the sites that were not supposed to be on schedule. 3D2N accommodation + food + transfer boat from Kuala Besut to Perhentian = RM400.