A Trip to the Land Down Under (Part Two)

Day Four in Gold Coast

Public transportation is bloody expensive here. And walking is not an option for us mere mortals as we stayed quite far from the Surfer’s Paradise, plus we needed  to get around GC, i.e to the theme parks. So we did the most inevitable thing that any backpacker would frown upon (gasp!)…renting a car.












We forked out AUD175 for 2+ days rent. (Aussies were the slowest, law abiding road users!)

We went to the Sea World to visit our friends from the Antarctic  Polar Bear and Penguins. Gotta see few shows like the not to be missed the awesomest dolphins show 🙂 Gotta ride the mean coaster 🙂



om nom nom

om nom nom










Day Five in Gold Coast

2 theme parks today! Movie World and Wet n Wild (WW)

Since it is autumn WW closes at 4pm. wtf I know..so we spent few hours at Movie World before rushing to WW, luckily those two parks are next to each other. Enjoyed a few shows at Movie World, like the Stunt Driver show (the only show worth watching IMHO). There were 2 scary coasters operating that day; i.e Green Lantern, Superman rides and we rode the Green Lantern! Scaryyy but luckily it was super fast so we sorta didnt feel anything.

There were many even super taller scarier slides at the WW but we didnt have the chance or rather the time to explore them all. Plus it was super cold and windy at that time 😦

supeerrrmaaaannnn (aaand  we chickened out)

supeerrrmaaaannnn (aaand we chickened out)







visiting the friends from the Antarctic

visiting the friends from the Antarctic the day before







rode this one!

rode this one!
























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