on why I think abortion should be legalised

I am a practising Muslim and this is me being at risk of blasphemy accusation. But before anyone jumps at this and shoots bullet to my head, there is no mention of blasphemy in the Holy Book. So hear me out first.

This, is my personal view.

Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, kids and the joy they bring to the world. I too would love to have them in future. In future, yes, not now. Why? Because I am physically and mentally not ready to have them. Love is all that matters, you say? My baby would need more than parental love  to survive I think. I am not eating right, god knows the kind of junks I digest daily. Slowly but surely I want to have the best of food (non-toxic, organic matters) to nurture my body into the best of health it can be for it to grow a child inside. Among many other matters, yes I don’t think I’m ready yet. But that’s just me.

What about these people? You think they deserve to bear children?

“A mother and stepfather who confined their teenage son to a bedroom for years with little food were each sentenced to 15 years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty to cruelty to children and false imprisonment charges….Mitch Comer stood 5-foot-1 and weighed 87 pounds when he raised the suspicion of a guard at the bus station. He told police his stepfather put him on a bus on his 18th birthday with a few hundred dollars cash and a list of homeless shelters.”

(source : yahoo news)

“The woman accused of smothering her newborn boy is now getting medical treatment at the Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital…It was reported yesterday that a 24-year-old a salesgirl allegedly smothered the baby when she hid him under a mattress at a house in Jalan Meru, Klang.”

(source : The Star)

These scum worth of parents, should they have gotten abortion? Yes, please. rather than bringing an unwanted child into this world and having him suffer, if not dead. It’s just so heartbreaking to read these kind of news on daily basis. 

My point is, if you don’t want to get pregnant but still want to enjoy regular sex, please by all means, buy condoms. wear two at once if you must. and if you’re married and need to have a child just because everyone else’s does, then please think about it. Before you commit to anything, ask yourself these; are you mentally / physically / financially ready? Does you husband or wife has what it takes to support you in this process? Would you be able to provide your child a comfortable (not much can we do on the current crime filled society anyway) for him or her to live? Would you promise yourself to give your child the best education that he/she deserves? I’m not referring to monetary value, the best is referred to in terms of value wise and quality wise. A small home filled with love is heavenly while a mansion with no love can be the opposite. It is your choice, really.

Some thoughts to ponder..

I deeply hope that people are not having kids to make sure someone takes care of them when they are senile. 



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