confession of a fatty bum bum

at the risk of sounding like an ungrateful beetch, i sometimes struggle to be at peace with myself. don’t others feel that way too?

unless, of course


look at me now, lookkk!!!!


but as perfect as she seems, she’s still a droopy eyed flat chested girl who lives on a trust funds.


whats up? cant see much my eyelid’s dropping zzzzz


look closely, you might see ’em.

ok fine she has a perfume line. and handbags. and TV shows.

same goes to kim and her giant generous backside.


dear leader

not that kim. this kim.


i’m trying to breathe here *sucks tummy in*

who needs talent and hard work?

oh well. this post is pointless. its just it rather sucks to be curvy and not being able to fit in most asian clothings. while at the same time western size M and L are tad loose on me. fml right?


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